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Flab: Alright, here's the deal.

Our project is running smoothly, we're getting the ideas rolled out one after another and refining it like nobodies business and we have it all down on paper/laptop/whatever things should be put where.

Story has begun on Midna's end, and on my end visuals are being developed as well as special anatomy shizz and other special stuff *hint hintity hint*

Our problem: ... MOTIVAAATION

Seriously, no matter how much Midna and I talk about working on our secret project lately we're all "Hey, that's an awesome idea! Lets write it down!"

But once we write it down: BAM! LAZYNESS HITS US LIKE A BRICK!

Also, I am taking a work experience program at my university to broaden my range of graphic design work and such, plus Midna is taking a writing course to better her already awesome writing skills.

BASICALLY, what I'm saying is just keep hanging peeps, change is coming, and it's going to flood our account like no tomorrow!

*Falls flat on couch eating sandwiches and playing pokemon*

Said change is coming ... never said anytime SOON


Flab & Midna
Midna: hey everyone ^_^ my name is Midna, but most just call me Mids. I'm a gamer girl, there is no other words for it, I like my games, espically (which should be obvious from my name) the legend of zelda. im in all sorts of music from rock, to pop (though none of that girly girl pop like 1D and justin bieber, seirously ick) im also a writer, I have an overactive imagination and cant draw to save my life so I might as well get it out in words despite my poor grammar and spelling skills (im improving though)

Flab: Hey all, name here is Flab, or RandomFlab 2 for the full name. I have alot of gaming involved in my life going across alot of genres from First person shooters to RPG's, but i tend to stick to fantasy and cartoony games like Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and Mario, etc. I don't care what music is playing, but i generally prefer alot of Video Game sountracks or stuff from OverClocked Remix, as well as the odd DragonForce. My main skill is drawing and thinking things up from the top of my head. Imaginator extraordinar but i suck at writing anything that's book length ^_^.

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Flab: Why thank you kind sir, we shall try not to disappoint then shall we? XD
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